My experience as a yoga teacher is a logical consequence of my enthusiasm as a student and the courses I have followed. I guide my students in a warm, clear and compassionate way. In every yoga session I give personal attention, and your specific needs and possibilities are central. In this way I offer you the space to become aware of your physical sensations and limits, your emotions, the quality of your breathing, your intuition, your train of thought and your habits. My motivation is to share with you the journey of discovering your body and at a deeper level and to be able to guide it in healing from imbalance.

My goal is to encourage you to strenghten, trust and accept yourself ♡


In 2006 I did my first teacher training and immediately started teaching. A new life had started. Soon after I was teaching more classes in different places in Amsterdam. I explored many different styles of yoga. I deepened my studies. Quitted my office job and dedicated only to the yoga. Among rest, I’ve specialised in teaching cancer patients, seniors, guiding meditation and yoga nidra.


  • 4 years hatha-yoga teachertraining bij Yoga Academie Nederland (
  • Dynamic yoga teachertraining modules with Godfrey Devereux ( Godfrey taught me the base of what yoga is for me.
  • Power yoga teachertraining at Dasra Center (



  • Adjustments workshop vinyasa yoga/Kai Ribereau
  • Ashtanga Yoga: begeleiden en uitwerking houdingen/Eric Staals
  • Back-bends and restorative yoga/David Lurey
  • Bhakti flow/Rusty Wells
  • Ayurveda en yoga/Klaas-Jan van Velzen
  • Therapeutic yoga ‘de wervelkolom als spil van het bewegingsappaat’/Bert Mentink
  • Seminar ‘Geestelijk leraarschap’/Nico Tydeman
  • Yoga en Stress management /Catherine Vandepitte
  • Seminar Transpersoonlijke Psychologie/Theo van Leeuwen
  • Adem en Ontspanning/Yvonne Esser
  • Ontspannen als Kunst en Kunde/Rita Gras
  • Ashtanga Yoga/Nancy Gilgoff