yoga and cancer

A new balance in cancer

These yogaclasses are specially developed for (ex-) cancer patients. It provides support in the recovery and processing process, both during and after medical treatment.


brings relaxation and flexibility
stimulates the self-healing ability of the body
supports surgery, irradiation, chemotherapy and / or hormone therapy
strengthens inner strength and immune system
inspires, motivates and gives self-confidence
improves concentration, breathing, sleep, eating, and life rhythm, in short the quality of life

Classes consists of:

custom, simple yoga exercises
breathing exercises
meditation and sound healing
visualizations and affirmations

Yoga for cancer is explicitly intended as a supplement to oncological (after) care.
The lessons take place in an attractive, relaxed and safe environment accompanied by an certified teacher.

The training for H-yoga teacher is recognized as a specialization by the professional association VYN (Association for Yoga Teachers in the Netherlands).

Yoga for cancer is accessible to everyone, male or female, young or old who seek support in the recovery and processing during and after cancer, with or without yoga experience.
Every exercise can be adapted to the physical capabilities of the body after the diagnosis of cancer. It is suitable both during and after the medical treatments to support the processing of the process towards recovery.

An introductory meeting will take place before the start of the lessons. All questions can be asked here.
It is advisable to consult your doctor or specialist prior to participation.

The duration of a class is 1 hour to 75 minutes and can be followed in a group or private.

At this moment I only guide privately  € 75 per session.



This quality mark guarantees that expert yoga classes are provided to (ex-) cancer patients. The H-yoga program was developed by the SARA Netherlands foundation. Since 2009, the foundation has been responsible for the specialization Yoga in Cancer. It is an idealistic organization, partly dependent donations.